XYZ Style

Chain: Matic
Owner: NextEraGamer

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This collection is for the creators. These in-game assets are not only wearable items. They can be for building on parcels as well. This collection is open to anyone to mint, however we do have to discern if the item follows guidelines prior to approving. The file must be submitted in as a vox file that is a maximum of 32x32x32. The quantity being minted must be below 20. This will improve your sales potential and make the overall body of items more appealing. Once you submit your item, please send me a message on Twitter @nexteragamer. If you need to mint a higher quantity please submit and provide information when DM me. The item needs to be approved and minted. Choosing to mint into this exclusive collection you are agreeing to the 2.5% that goes to the collection when your item sells. These cover administrative costs of running the collection.

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