Voxelwear: a PluggedOut Fashion Show


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**LookVault | Exploring the Senses in the Metaverse.** **[About the Space]** *theCountess.eth* is a physical precious metal on an epic journey through the open #Metaverse - a realm she hadn’t traversed before. **LookVault | dystopianJoy** is her gallery where she seeks to make sense of it all. Her collections are old + new, the fascinating and the familiar. [Countess.eth | @countessofcoins](https://twitter.com/countessofcoins)

Event Description

Peek inside the LookVault this Christmas Eve. Preview the latest Voxelwear from the PlugWorld Family and join the discussion as we imagine what we'll be wearing in the Metaverse.

5 Juno
Starts at
Friday the 24th of December @ 10:00 pm, 2021
Ends at
Saturday the 25th of December @ 1:00 am, 2021
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