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# Voyage is a global conscious living community designed for the new realm. ## Our community are passionate about personal growth, art & entrepreneurship and social impact. We are pleased to be supporting the Ohm Gallery NFT Art Show! Ohm Gallery connects people through art with a bridge from the physical to virtual world. We create experiences to bring people together and to promote creative expression through art in all forms. Our rotating gallery exists physically in various locations around Bali, Indonesia, and is accessible virtually in metaverses suchas Decentraland and Cryptovoxels. We are excited to explore new mediums and experiences as we build a community of creators and collectors. ## More About Voyage We are a deeply connected, vibrant and purpose-driven tribal co-living community united by personal growth & fulfilment, conscious ventures and social impact. Voyage is designed from first principles to make scalable impact in the emergent era of personal empowerment, decentralization, location-independence, ownership of social responsibility and technological singularity. ## Links www.voyage.life www.ohmgallery.com

Event Description

Join us in our new NFT Gallery for a group art show featuring both global artists and rising talents from Indonesia! The show will be held in parallel with a physical pop-up exhibition in Bali.

1 Meguro Extension
Starts at
Friday the 18th of June @ 11:00 am, 2021
Ends at
Saturday the 19th of June @ 10:59 am, 2021
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