CoinGecko Afterparty with DAOrecords Ft. Random K.I.D. & DJ Nana


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Welcome to The Playground by DAOrecords. Since December 2020 our events have featured a collection guest DJs from around the world and brought music into the Metaverse making Cryptovoxels so much more fun! We have featured the likes of Mumbai Science, Strictly Ballein, CoinGecko Afterparty, NxM Live, Nifty Comedians, Emanate & more... [Contact Us]( if you want to rent our venue or collaborate

Event Description

In collaboration with CoinGecko join us for the Afterparty with music from Random Ki.I.D. and DJ Nana!

111 The Bronx South Tower
Starts at
Thursday the 17th of June @ 2:00 pm, 2021
Ends at
Thursday the 17th of June @ 3:00 pm, 2021
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