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The Play to Earn Game Festival, powered by Echoes of Empire, starts on July 12th. Visitors will find something new at the festival every day, for example there will be new giveaways. In addition the festival location will change based on community actions, and a story unfolds. Can you help to reactivate the Segura7 space station, orbiting above the planet Lina Minor? It will be your job to reactivate the S1A – Zofia Corvette. Commander Herzog David Haas, IO Commander First Class, of the Interstellar Organization needs your help to leave Segura7 before The Spore, a relentless interstellar fungus, destroys all of humanity.

Event Description

You can sign up to adopt an alien NFT that you can then use in The Sandbox

2 Thalia
Starts at
Friday the 16th of July @ 11:49 am, 2021
Ends at
Saturday the 17th of July @ 1:49 am, 2021
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