dCommerce Meetup #3 - Boson Protocol: Building the Future


At Boson Protocol, we are building the future, which is why in our next dCommerce meetup we are not simply visiting a virtual world: we are hosting the whole event in the Metaverse at the Dark Junction temple. The session will also be available live on CrowdCast, and we’ll look forward to you joining us in either location! *** Agenda in UTC *** 18:00 - Introduction from Holly Atkinson - Head of Metaverse Technology *** 18:05 - Leptonite deep dive with Dennis Furrer - Full Stack Engineer, Luke Gniwecki - Head of Product, Ludovic Levalleux - Lead Engineer and Heather Swope - Blockchain Engineer *** 18:35 - Boson Ecosystem Grants Program session from Matt Law, Chief Strategy Officer *** 18:45 - Boson Protocol Ambassador Program introduction from Alastair Band, Head of Community *** 18:55 - Group Q&A lead by Holly Atkinson